Art Is You Dixie Charms

If you're coming to Art-Is-You Dixie, let's trade charms (and other art as well!). I put together these little spoons with spools and cut out book text to match the occasion. Ribbons, beads & glitter, hooray! Shall I bring paper beads or other goodies to trade as well?



Happy Holiday Felted Acorns

I was inspired by a coworker to take up my felting implements and get three dimensional. First there was some wool sorting and inventory. Then a search for goodies.

I found these beautiful acorn caps from a delightful Etsy seller in Canada who gathers and prepares them for crafty things.

Felting was pretty straight forward...poke poke poke to create little balls. My tool of choice is the the 3 needle Clover felting tool or a single needle.

Since I wanted to create hanging ornaments, I decided to add a looped headpin. First I used an awl to carefully poke a hole in the acorn cap. When I was ready to attach the felted acorn bottom to the cap, I filled the cap with a little craft glue and pushed the felted ball into the cap.  Then I inserted the headpin through the hole in the top of the acorn cap and into the felt. I pushed it all the way through the felted acorn then snipped it off with a wire cutter and used pliers to bend the end of the headpin back into a small hook embedded in the felt.

 For some added sparkle I wrapped the felted acorns with small bits of Angelina and felted it in.
The caps were frosted with a smidge of ultra thick embossing enamel and topped with glitter. You could add some clear fishing line as a hanger but I opted for some fancy ornament hooks.

 A lovely reminder of nature's tiny gifts.


Folded Book Art

I've seen variations on folded books or origami books and love the look of them. Anytime you can recycle books and enjoy them in new ways, I'm a fan! And as a librarian, I have access to books ready to be transformed before they hit the dumpster.

These are not particularly sophisticated, but they are simple and fun. These folds are super basic. I folded one page at a time rather than two's or three's. That gave them lots of fullness. I found out that you really need a book with a lot of pages or you won't achieve the full 180 degree shape. Use a bone folder for sharp creases and to save your fingertips (and avoid paper cuts).

When I was done with my folding, I sifted through my paper supply to find new endpapers to match my decor. I found these exquisite handmade waxed and printed papers in red, orange and mustard. I used a glue stick to add them to the inside covers, then filed the edges smooth.

I didn't find any information on mounting books, so I made up my own way. I cut a piece of black foam core slightly smaller than my open book size (trace around the book and cut with a craft knife).

Before you glue the book to the foam core, make a hanger. I punched holes side by side in the foam core with an awl. Then I wrapped some wire around through front and back a couple of times and twisted to close. That gave me wire hanger. I glued the books to the foam core with clear craft glue and then to make them even more secure, I punched an awl through the cover and the foam core under the pages where it couldn't be seen. I made two holes on the front cover and two on the back. I ran more wire around front and back to tie the book to the foam core.

Happy folding!